BeyondSP Newsletter & Net Site for March
(They are one in the same for now.)

Hi Folks,

March has arrived and as I write this the March winds have certainly arrived, too!
Important:   For March only, our Dinning Out Event will be held on the second Wednesday of the month, March the 8th.

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Gayle tells me that those who turned out for her Dinner Theatre event in Plymouth had a great time.  Thanks, Gayle for hosting an event.

At this time, the only March event is the Dinning Out event.
If there's any interest, I'll host an April event - Dining Out followed by a "Three Stooges" movie night at the Redford Theatre on Saturday the 8th. Let me know if you're interested.
We need folks to step up and sponsor new events!

Contact me or
Gayle if you'd like to host an event.

Note: For March only, Dining Out will be on the second Wednesday of the month!
This month's Dining Out Event
Anyone attending must call Grace, in advance.
To reserve your spot, c
all her at 734.464.4029

At 6:30pm, Wednesday, March 8th,<<<------ Note!<---
for an evening of fun we will meet at:
Anyone showing up
unannounced will
neither be appreciated
nor accommodated!

1609 N Wayne Rd


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