BeyondSP Newsletter & Web Site - August 2017
Hi Folks,

August has arrived and we find ourselves in the midst of the Dog Days of Summer.  But there are some interesting things upcoming.

A Solar Eclipse will occur on Aug. 21st - it won't be total for those of us
in SEM but a big chunk of the Sun will be hidden by the Moon's shadow.
For more info, Click Here.

And Trivia is back!  See below for complete information.

And, as always, we have a third Wednesday Dining Out Event.

Joe Epstein will be hosting a Trivia Night at Station 885
in Plymouth on Thursday, August 10th at 7:30pm.

Here is what Station 885 says about it on their net site:

"Join us on Thursday for a night of Trivia Live with prizes, drink specials,
and best of all:  IT'S FREE!!"

If you're interested in taking part in Trivia Night please contact Joe either
by email  or by phone:
to let him know ASAP.

To view the Station 885 web page, click on the image below:


Click here to go directly to 
    Note: This month's Dining Out will start at 4:30pm.

Have you folks heard of    In January I joined three of their groups an have since attended 19 events.  They probably have Meetup groups for doily knitters if you're interested.  I'm not, but they
also host many social groups for folks like us, as in Happy Hour, Dining Out, Theatre, .. etc..  
There's no cost to join and no cost for most events other than your own ticket or tab.  You must provide an email address (kept confidential), a picture and a first name - last names are optional.  You must RSVP to most events, and very often they fill up fast but do have waiting lists. The Meetups I've attended have had 20 to 40 folks attending, ages ranging from the 40's into the sixties or more, most friendly and willing to socialize.  With no BSP events other than our monthly "Dining Out" you may want to give "Meetup" a try. 
If you want to learn more about Meetup, use the live link to their website (above) or contact me..
(And no, I am not a paid Meetup spokesperson!)


We need folks to step up and sponsor new events!
Contact me or Gayle if you'd like to host an event. 

Note: Until further notice Dining Out will be on the third Wednesday of each month!
This month's Dining Out Event - Note time change!
Anyone attending must call Grace, in advance.
To reserve your spot, c
all her at 734.464.4029
At  4:30pm, Wednesday, August 16th
for an evening of fun we will meet at:
Anyone showing up without a
reservation with be required
buy a round of drinks for all
the good folks in attendance.

No exceptions!

Bahama Breeze

19600 Haggerty Rd.

Click the logo above for the
Bahama Breeze web site.