BeyondSP Newsletter & Web Site - June 2017
Hi Folks,

Tomorrow, June the 6th, is the anniversary of "D-Day", the Normandy
invasion in 1944 which was the beginning of the end of WWII in Europe.
Every day is a good day to be nice to a veteran. 

The boot camp picture of the good looking veteran on the right was
taken almost ten years, to the day, after D-day.

And don't forget to celebrate Flag Day on June 14th.

A change in the time for our June Dinning Out event.
In an attempt to avoid rush hour traffic and take advantage
of "Happy Hour" specials, this month's event will
start at 4:30pm - see below for details.

Apparently no interest in the Three Stooges, so I'll try a different tact -
Have you folks heard of    In January I joined three of their groups an have since attended 13 events.  They probably have Meetup groups for doily knitters if you're interested.  I'm not, but they
also host many social groups for folks like us, as in Happy Hour, Dining Out, Theatre, .. etc..  
There's no cost to join and no cost for most events other than your own ticket or tab.  You must provide an email address (kept confidential), a picture and a first name - last names are optional.  You must RSVP to most events, and very often they fill up fast but do have waiting lists. The Meetups I've attended have had 20 to 40 folks attending, ages ranging from the 40's into the sixties or more, most friendly and willing to socialize.  With no BSP events other than our monthly "Dining Out" you may want to give "Meetup" a try. 
If you want to learn more about MeetUp, use the live link to their website (above) or contact me..
(And no, I am not a paid Meetup spokesperson!)


We need folks to step up and sponsor new events!
Contact me or Gayle if you'd like to host an event. 

Note: Until further notice Dining Out will be on the third Wednesday of each month!
This month's Dining Out Event - Note time change!
Anyone attending must call Grace, in advance.
To reserve your spot, c
all her at 734.464.4029
At 4:30pm, Wednesday, June 21st
for an evening of fun we will meet at:
Anyone showing up
unannounced will
neither be appreciated
nor accommodated!

Happy Hour ends at 6:30pm.
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