Hi All -                                                 BeyondSP January Newsletter

Happy New Year One and All!

With the weather we've had recently, you may find it hard
to believe but I celebrated the Millennium New Year's Day
with an ice skating party on Lake Erie at my cottage.

When winter does arrive it will probably hit us hard!

Not much going on in January - my MeetUps have ended
for the time being and the only BSP events are
Joe's Trivia and our Third Wednesday Dining Out.


Dave says:             Join me at a "Meetup" Happy Hour function!  

                               Meetup groups get special accommodations and often discounts at these establishments.

   These are some of the Meetup Happy Hour functions I plan to attend -
Sorry to report my favorite MeetUp Group - "Oakland County Happy Hour"  - was shut down
at the end of the year by the organizer.  I think he felt doing a good job was taking
up too much of his time.  I know he put a lot of effort into it.  Thanks, Mike!

 I'm hoping someone will step in and bring it back to life.  I really enjoyed many of their events

At this time I have no MeetUps scheduled in January.

These events may be all booked up by now but I can  probably get you in as a guest in if you're interested.
Call me at 248.348.5958 or email me - Dave@BeyondSP.org - for more information.

Trivia:    Our next "Joe's Trivia Night" will be at the Livonia Elks Lodge
on Saturday, January 12th  Start time now 6:30pm.
The food available at the Elks is very good and quite reasonably priced. Joe has asked me me to remind
everyone that we are
not permitted to bring food of any kind into the Elk's hall.
Action starts at 6:30pm and runs till about 9pm. There is no charge but they require reservations for
parties of 10 or more.  Dinner is served from 5 till 8pm and normally runs about $10-  without a drink.
Cash bar.

The Livonia Elks Lodge is located at 31117 Plymouth Rd just east of Merriman.

If you're interested in taking part in Trivia Night please contact Joe either by
email to mrrt1983@gmail.com  or by phone at 248-325-5322 to let him know ASAP.

Dining Out:     
Note:  Until further notice Dining Out will be on the third Wednesday
of each month at 6:30pm!

If your haven't already signed up, you must call Nancy McDonald, in advance,
734.459.7235 to reserve your spot.  

Please do not wait until the last day to make/cancel your RSVP!

Our host must notify the restaurant well in advance of how
many will be attending so they can accommodate us.

This month's Dining Out Event
Anyone showing up without
a reservation with be
to buy a round
of drinks for all the
good folks in attendance.

No exceptions!

At 6:30pm on Wed. Jan. 16th we meet at The Rusty Bucket for an evening of fun and camaraderie!

18785 Traditions Drive

 SW Corner of 7 Mile & Haggerty