Updated 1/21/18 -
BeyondSP Newsletter - Special Edition

Hi All -

While many of us have been hibernating for the winter, Gayle Q has been on the alert and  found a February Event for us. This special edition is to give everyone a "heads up" so they can reserve Sunday, Feb. 25th for the event. 
Thank you, Gayle

"The Barn"
Farmington Player's Barn -- 32332 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills

In this classic Agatha Christie whodunit, ten strangers are summoned to a remote British island. Each guest has a secret and each one is both a suspect and a potential victim.  As the weather turns and the group is cut off from the mainland, the guests are systematically murdered, one at a time, in accordance with the lines of a sinister nursery rhyme.

Sunday, February 25, 2018  ---   2pm   ---  Cost $16.00

Call Gayle - 734-306-7193   you can leave a message ---  I will collect for the ticket the day of the play


 –  after that date you  can order a ticket but you won’t be seated with us -

27815 Middlebelt –corner of 12 Mile and Middlebelt

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Original January '18 Newsletter continues below:

Hi All -
By now the ball has dropped and some of you may be nursing
big league headaches. 
Take a couple of aspirin - when
you're feeling better take a look at our events for January. 

Just now I don't have much to offer but if anyone has an idea
for a January Event send me the details and I'll post the information.
Pictures from our events go here!

You may recall I requested that you send me some of the pictures
you've taken at our events so I could post them here.  I thought
I heard a couple of positive responses, but thus far, these two
are the only one's I have.  I forget who these old gezzer's are.

Send me some pictures - please!

Grace suggests:   
       Here is an afternoon opportunity for trivia!

The Livonia Senior Center along with American House of Livonia will host "My Trivia Live" on
Friday, Jan. 19th at 1 PM. Cost is $2 for residents and $2.25 for non-residents.
Teams are 2 to 6 players. Grace will organize one team and Vera has agreed to organize another.
Call Grace at 734-464-4029 to sign up.  Pizza will be served and they will also have prizes.
The senior center is in the Civic Park at the southeast corner of Farmington road and 5 mile Rd.
Address is 15218 Farmington rd., Livonia 48154, 734-466-2555. Call soon!
Dave says:             Join me at a "MeetUp" Happy Hour function!  

   These are some of the MeetUp Happy Hour functions I plan to attend in January -
  • TUESDAY, JANUARY 2 Bar Louie with $1 Burgers
  •  WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10 - Lucky Strike
  • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17 - Tony Sacco's (This conflicts with the BSP "Eat Out" event, but I plan to do both.)
  • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, BONEFISH GRILL Bang Bang Shrimp & More!
These events, all at Novi locations, may be all booked up by now but I can  probably get you in as a guest in if you're interested.
MeetUp groups get special accomadations and often discounts at these establishments.
Call me at 248.348.5958 or email me - Dave@BeyondSP.org - for more information.

Trivia:       Joe's Trivia Night for January will be at the Livonia Elks Lodge
on Saturday, the 13th.
 Last month Joe missed his own event but eight of us showed and all had a good time.
The food available at the Elks is very good and quite reasonably priced.

Joe has asked me me to remind everyone that we are not permitted to bring food of any kind into the Elk's hall.
Action starts at 6:00 pm and runs till about 8:30. There is no charge but they
require reservations for parties of 10 or more.  Dinner is served from
5 till 8pm and normally runs about $10-  without a drink.  Cash bar.

The Elks Lodge is located at 31117 Plymouth Rd at Merriman.

If you're interested in taking part in Trivia Night please contact Joe either by
email to mrrt1983@gmail.com  or by phone at 248-325-5322 to let him know ASAP.

Dining Out:  Note: Until further notice Dining Out will be on the third Wednesday of each month!
This month's Dining Out Event 
Anyone attending must call Grace, in advance.
To reserve your spot, c
all her at 734.464.4029
At 6:30pm , Wednesday, January17th for an evening of fun we will meet at:
Anyone showing up without a
reservation with be required
buy a round of drinks for all
the good folks in attendance.

No exceptions!


Click here for the
Border Cantina
web site